AL Dakheel Oud proud to contribute as manufacture of perfumery, not only inside the kingdom markets, but outside the borders. As a result of 35 years of experience and steady expansion, Al Dakheil factory is considered one of the outstanding Saudi factories, as it is deemed one of the top and old fragrance factories licensed by Saudi Food & Drugs Authority. The company has achieved the highest rates in Quality products and Good manufacturing Practice (GMP).The company has also obtained the ISO9001:2015. Today, Al Dakheil Company is expanding its branches and products with continually improvement of process and staff training. There are 75 branches cover all KSA cities. A wide range of fragrances and oud with special fragrance innovated carefully to provide more than 500 product cover; Agarwood, Oriental Mixtures, Fragrance, Body fragrance, Bakhur & Oud. All products are available in our branches & also via Al Dakheil Oud Online Store.